Organic Red Rice, GPI certified

The Camargue is a land of wild beauty, on the borders of Provence, set between the Rhone river delta and the Mediterranean Sea.
Over twenty varieties of rice are grown in the Camargue, offering a veritable palette of colors. The introduction of quality labels and the development of organic farming techniques guarantee the quality of the rice produced. Rice growing is a major economic asset which also protects the ecosystem of the Camargue.

Red rice from the Camargue is a whole grain rice renowned for its excellent flavor. Its red coloring is the result of natural pigments contained in its pericarp. Rich in Vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants, it boasts exceptional nutritional properties and also offers benefits for the skin.

Red rice was first discovered at the foot of the Abbey of Montmajour, near Arles, in the Camargue, where red ears of rice grew in the traditional rice fields. This rice is the result of a natural mutation that took place with no human intervention.

The father of Serge Griotto is the rice grower who discovered red rice.

"In the middle of a rice field, my father noticed 2 ears of rice that were longer than the others. He cut them and grew more and, 10 years later, we had our first production of edible red rice."

We chose to work with "Heureuse Camargue" (Happy Camargue) – a group whose objective is to help the Camargue find an economic base for sustainable development that respects both the environment and local communities, for more than 50 years. "Heureuse Camargue" works with about ten rice producers who grow organic rice.

Since June 2000, producers from the Camargue have been awarded the IGP label.

Did you know ?
Wholegrain rice is a great source of vitamins (A, B, D, E, F), trace elements (zinc, magnesium, iron), amino acids and fibers.