Our Sustainable Ingredients Policy

  • For 30 years L’OCCITANE has supported local producers using traditional production practices. We help them to increase their production’s value through A.O.C. controlled-origin labels, organic certifications…


  • We have mastered the management of the quality and traceability of the natural ingredients that we use, through the entire production chain, from the planning to the distillation of the plants.


  • The preservation of cultures that are in danger is also one of our priorities. When a plant is over-exploited, we chose to source it from cultivated land, rather than harvesting it from its natural and fragile environment.


  • We work closely with the Farm Bureau and Natural Regional Parks on the revival of forgotten cultures plans, which is the case of the almond tree in Provence.


  • Once the sourcing of ingredients is secure, our research and development laboratory tests the efficiency of the active extracts.


  • L’OCCITANE’s ingredients policy places a priority on sustainable development, with a focus on both human beings and nature.