The L'OCCITANE store
From the very beginning, the materials used in our stores have reflected our authenticity. Wood, wrought iron and small red hexagonal floor tiles are traditionally our basic materials.

Our most recent actions
In 2008, we began applying our sustainable development principles to our stores:

• The new concept is a perfect illustration of this.
• The units are made from FSC wood (a guarantee that that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests).
• The paints used are silicone-free, the wood varnish is water-based, and the electrical equipment is designed to be energy-efficient
• We are also using ecological cleaning products. Finally, our store-sign lights in France have been programmed so that they are switched off between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

What's in store for the future?
• First, we are trying to develop a new concept of trash can to sorting waste in our French stores. This operation would allow us to sensitize our customers to effective sorting.
• We are studying the opportunity to sign up the “Enseigne Responsable” (Responsible Store) commitment charter, in order to improve the selective collection of waste in city centers.
• Finally, we try to make sensitive our teams to reduce our energy consumption, notably by distributing specific energy-saving guidelines