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A silicone-free shampoo that helps nourishing, repairing, stengthening and protecting dry and damaged hair...
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The Luxury Nourishing Care Shampoo provides concentrated nourishment for dry to very dry hair, from root to tip.

Free from sulphate and silicone, this creamy shampoo helps to repair and intensely nourish hair. This shampoo is enriched with olive oil and olive tree leaves, known for their nourishing and protecting properties. It also contains a complex of five essential oils (cedar, lavender, camomile, lemon and eucalyptus) to sooth and purify; it gently cleanses and leaves hair feels light and bouncy whilst having the natural scent of a fresh Provençal breeze.

From the very first use, hair fibres feel nourished, protected and silky smooth without being weighed down.

Intensely nourished, hair is repaired, softer, more supple and silky.

Proven Results
81% Scalp feels soothed *
71% Hair looks more shiny *
71% Hair is more supple *
71% Hair feels softer *
68% Hair is intensely nourished *
74% Hair is silky *

*Satisfaction tested on 31 women over 4 weeks
Essential oils are particularly suitable for use in hair care products such as L'OCCITANE'S Aromachologie range of shampoo, conditioner, and protection masks. Essential oils capture the highest concentration of a plant’s benefits allowing it to penetrate well, work fast, and have an excellent capacity to carry natural nutrients to the hair that are essential for its vitality.   Shop Essential oils Products Online In UAE >   AROMACHOLOGY Essential Oils

Customer Reviews
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  • Amazing

    My hair was so dry and brittle, since using this shampoo and conditioner it’s much stronger and healthier!! Plus a little does go along way.

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    • ReviewNote
      5 out of 5
    • Location Kent
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Buyer beware

    This product should not be described as a shampoo, it does not lather well at all, my hair was left tangled, it is simply a huge disappointment and a waste of money.

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    • ReviewNote
      1 out of 5
    • Location BLYTH
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Simply the best!

    For years I’ve been looking for a quality shampoo and conditioner combo with little to know synthetic ingredients that works well. . One of the staff recommended I try this one. The scent immediately captured me although, I was hesitant owing to the cost. This combo lasted me four full months! If I didn’t let others use it, it would’ve lasted longer! I’m a black male and my hair resembles that of someone who would be half European and Afro-Caribbean - more so to the Afro texture if that makes sense. This combo is exceptional! My hair is nourished, moisturized and manageable.

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      5 out of 5
    • Location Brooklyn, NY
    • Country UNITED STATES
  • shiny & silky, not at all heavy.

    I have an oily scalp which impacts on the hair making it dull & oily & shapeless. I was sent this sample & to my amazement my hair has been revived. It is so smooth & silky & light . I shall certainly buy it now. Wish it came in 300ml size at a lower price so i can buy for friends.

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    • ReviewNote
      5 out of 5
    • Location Cornwall
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM