Cade Shaving Oil

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Cade Shaving Oil



Put out razor-burn fire and enjoy a smooth shave! Reduce irritation and redness. Enriched with cade complex and organic vegetable oils, the Shaving Oil:
* softens facial hairs for a gentle shave
* enables the razor to glide easily for a fast shave
* helps reduce redness and irritations

The shave is close and precise (goatee, sideburns...). Skin is soft and supple. Ideal for men who are in a hurry or are travelling. May be used for about 50 shavings.



Massage into facial hair. Shave with usual product or with the shaving oil making sure to keep the beard moist. Rinse.


Wild juniper, called "CADE", grows in the dry Provencal hillsides. Based on Cade's antiseptic and strengthening properties, L'OCCITANE has created expert formulas specifically for men's skincare and shaving needs. READ THE TRUE STORY  Cade

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  • The cade shaving oil is another favorite product of mine since it reminds me also of the wild west memorabilia. The oil gives such a refreshing feel and reduced irritations greatly. I also noticed shaving becoming smoother and easier after each use which makes shaving precise.

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