We believe that Provence is the most inspiring place on earth to create beauty.


Transform your skin with the power of organic Immortelle essential oil, made from Immortelle flowers grown in the sun-drenched lands of Corsica. Discover the secret of the flower that never fades, with L’OCCITANE’s ultra-effective natural anti-aging face oil.

Shea Butter Hand Cream

Enriched with 20 percent organic Shea Butter and blended with a yummy blend of honey, almond and coconut oil, this formula is tough on cracked, chapped hands without leaving any leftover oily traces. Often called “life-changing” and a “beauty-must-have”, this miraculous little hand cream is an essential for home, work and on-the-go.  

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It’s a feeling you can’t forget — the soft and light Almond Milk Concentrate envelops your skin in a blissful sheet of moisture, smoothing skin’s texture and leaving it irresistibly touchable. 

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Verbena Eau de Toilette

There’s just something about the scent of Verbena that’s like a breath of fresh air. Its fresh scent pumps new life through your veins, and our Verbena Eau de Toilette is the epitome of revitalization.

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Cade Aftershave Balm

Enriched with a purifying and stimulating complex of cade essential oil and protecting shea butter,  this aftershave balm immediately soothes the skin, preventing irritations and the feeling of tightness.

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